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Step 1: Job details all fields marked with an * are required
if checked, the job will appear highlighted on top of the board.
try to be concise and meaningful. will increase your chances to attract potential candidates attention.
you can style your text using a markdown syntax. to get further information on how to use this, please refer to the documentation
it will be used only to send you applicants contact information. this will never be published.
can use a fixed amount or a range. DO NOT FORGET THE CURRENCY SYMBOL ($1000, €1000, £1000, etc). It matters a lot. Can be left blank.
Step 2: Job location this fields are not required unless ON SITE is marked
If marked means you are not accepting telecommuting. This usually will keep most of the applicants away.
Country where the main working place is located.
State/Province where the main working place is located.
City where the main working place is located.
Step 3: Employer information will NOT be published if HIDE IDENTITY is marked
if checked, the next fields will NEVER be disclosed neither to visitors nor applicants.
Employer's name.
short description about the company or organization. Wont be published if hide identity checkbox is marked.
url where the applicants can gather more information about your organization.
Step 4: Contact information will never be published.
this will never be published.
if provided we will use this only in case we need to contact you. this will never be published.
Step 5: Submit sorry, we need to check you are not an automatic process